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Fairmont Copley Plaza

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As part of its centennial celebration renovations, the Fairmount Copley Plaza Hotel wanted to replace the existing window awnings over the exterior of its prestigious restaurant and bar, the OAK Long Bar + Kitchen. Creating a contemporary style that appealed to today's patrons while maintaining the traditional hotel brand image was of utmost importance. The awnings also needed to be strong enough to withstand heavy New England snows and the wind tunnel effects among the skyscrapers of the hotel's Copley Square location in the heart of Boston.

With a long history of working with the Copley, we had a clear understanding of their goals and the importance of the impression their frontage provides. Keeping all this in mind, our design team crafted contemporary, blade style awnings using Sunbrella weather resistant fabric in black finished with a 4 inch wide red stripe around the edge. The OAK Bar logo was printed on the valance of each awning to provide an elegant brand element. The awnings and recessed valances are supported by tubular structural steel that spans the 8 foot window openings and round steel projection bars provide a “floating in space” look to the awnings. As a finishing touch, we added hand-cut gold leaves to the side arms and round finial heads to the front bars of each awning to complete the elegant and contemporary look.

Each of the eight finished window awnings has a span of 8 feet with a 5 foot projection and 5 foot wall height. The final result was a modern look that maintained the traditional appeal of the Hotel's branding and history. The new awnings also integrated well with property's existing awnings and architectural structure.


We have been working with the Copley for many years, so when the prestigious Fairmount Copley Plaza Hotel wanted to upgrade the window awnings that graced its restaurant and bar, the OAK Long Bar + Kitchen, we were happy to oblige. We crafted eight, large blade style awnings that not only provided shade and protection from the elements, but added a contemporary flair to the hotel's already elegant and historic structure.

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