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Keeping Your Customer Comfortable With A Vestibule

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As fall becomes darker and there’s a noticeable chill in the air, we enter the winter months in the Northeast. With that cold, comes rain, snow and harsh weather that is a challenge for many businesses. While we may be used to it, that doesn’t mean we have to like it or be stuck outside in it, and neither do your customers. Adding a vestibule to your entrance is an easy way to offer shelter to patrons waiting outside and protect those already inside from the inevitable cold draft.

What is a vestibule?

A vestibule is a small room or hallway that connects the outside to the interior of a building. They are used for many purposes, one of the most popular being protection from the elements, though they can also serve as waiting areas, coat closets, lobbies and more. A vestibule provides an anteroom where patrons can come in from the elements before entering the establishment proper giving them a comfortable place to wait if they’re not quite ready, or are unable, to enter. This ‘buffer’ space also provides protection for your business as well, protecting patrons already inside from cold drafts and reducing high energy costs due to heat loss.

How can my business benefit from a vestibule?

At Atlantic Awning, we have installed hundreds of vestibules over the years, for a variety of applications. Applications are as various as the business and location where the vestibule is needed. Here are a few examples of vestibules we’ve installed in the Greater Boston area. 











Our client, BG Events & Catering added two vestibules to their facility. A double door vestibule was added to its delivery area to minimize energy loss during deliveries in and out of their kitchen, while a single door entryway was added to its main entrance for clients. Both vestibules are not only functional, but, with the addition of multi-colored graphics and paint, they help build the company’s brand image.











Copa Restaurant in Boston wanted to add a shelter for patrons entering and exiting their establishment, but was faced with an unusually small and oddly shaped area in which to build it. We added a custom, triangular vestibule that provided the protection they were seeking while adding some architectural interest to the entranceway.

Table Bistro in Barrington, RI, wanted to provide protection from drafts for patrons seated near the eatery’s entrance. We installed an eye-catching, red vestibule built into an existing overhang featuring the restaurant’s name and logo.

The Harborside Inn in Boston is a very popular destination for out-of-towners and locals alike. Originally built in 1846, many come to enjoy the architecture and history in this unique boutique hotel with a prime location in the City. We installed a custom vestibule under an existing canopy at the hotel’s main entrance and another under an awning at a secondary entrance. 

How should I plan for a vestibule for my business?

At Atlantic Awning, we custom design each of our vestibules to take any shape or design to meet the unique needs of different customers and facilities. When designing your vestibule, be sure it meets YOUR unique needs and ask... 

  • Is it durable and functional enough for our uses? 
  • What kind of snow load can the roof support? 
  • Will the doors close securely offering full protection from the elements? 
  • Does the design fit with the look and feel of your building? 

We’re always happy to answer your questions about designing the best vestibule for your business location. Contact us today with your questions. 


Mark and his team did an excellent job at creating and installing a custom Pergola Canopy for our house north of Boston. Looks like it has been there for years; classic design, will probably outlast how long we own the house. Mark did a phenomenal job of design and installation. Would recommend him highly for any residential project.
David B.
Andover, MA

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